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Choose your Pricing Plan

Select a Plan that works for you

Crafting of Itineraries and Proposals

Cost effective options to reduce your workload.


  • BasicKit / CoreKit / ToolKit Subscriptions -Weekly and Monthly Options

  • FlexiKit - Buy a Bundle of hours to use when needed.

  • AXUS, Travefy, uMapped, Safari Portal, TravelJoy


  • Adaptable support for changing priorities and demands.

  • Ideal for those with varying workloads

  • We will notify you when you have used 90% of your 5 hours.

  • Purchase a set number of hours and use them as needed, with the option to top up as needed.

  • BasicKit Weekly

    Every week
    1.5 Hours of Virtual Assistance
  • CoreKit Weekly

    Every week
    2.5 Hours of Virtual Assistance
  • ToolKit Weekly

    Every week
    5 Hours of Virtual Assistance per week
  • Flexikit 5

    Hourly Bundle - Purchase 5 Hours Upfront
  • BasicKit Monthly

    Every month
    5 Hours of Virtual Assistance per Month
  • CoreKit Monthly

    Every month
    10 Hours of Virtual Assistance per Month
  • ToolKit Monthly

    Every month
    20 Hours of Virtual Assistance per Month
  • FlexiKit 10

    Hourly Bundle - Purchase 10 Hours Upfront

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